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    Waving At Trains (photo © Neill Phillips)

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    The Rain Horse (photo © Alison Honey)

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    Where There's Smoke (photo © Carl Homer)

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    Doghouse (photo © Carnaby Films/Vertigo Films)

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    Evil Never Dies (photo © Carl Homer)

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    Sky Movies Special



I’m experienced with shoots of pretty much any format - 35mm, 16mm, Alexa, HDCAM, Red, Sony, Canon, Digibeta, DVCAM/HDV, DSLR, BlackMagic etc.
I have a network of great boom ops, including one or two regular colleagues with good credits.

 Highlights of recent work

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  • Heckle - comedy thriller
  • Calabria - horror thriller
  • Evil Never Dies - supernatural gangster feature
  • The Devil Went Down to Islington - comedy feature
  • Dimensions - sci-fi feature; see Twitter feed for long list of awards
  • Short films starring Pete Postlethwaite, Celia Imrie & Jason Isaacs


  • Blue Peter (BBC)
  • Grand Designs (Ch4)
  • Vicky McClure: My Dementia Choir (BBC)
  • 37 Degrees: Lehrer am Limit (ZDF)
  • 100 Years of King's Carols (BBC)
  • Struck by Genius (CH4)
  • Sky Movies Specials (e.g. X Men Special, Empire Movie Awards)
  • CBBC Extra (BBC)
  • Portrait Artist of the Year (Sky)
  • The Gunpowder Plotters and Churchill's First World War (BBC)
  • Find My Past (Yesterday/Lion Television)
  • Young Talent of the Year (BBC)


  • Teaching Shakespeare - Royal Shakespeare Company
  • 2020 Vision - award winning film for the NHS hosted by Sir David Frost
  • Numerous films for Cambridge University
  • Corporate promos starring Kelly Brook, Gok Wan and Jilly Goolden
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More Credits - Feature Films

Heckle (Feature, as Sound Mixer, Voodoo Productions 2018) (starring Guy Coombes & Dani Dyer)
Through The Fire (Documentary Feature, as Sound Editor, Eunice Lau 2013) (Finalist for 2013 Academy Awards, Best Student Documentary)
Calabria (Feature, as Sound Mixer, Blue Monkey Films 2012)
Evil Never Dies (Feature, as Sound Mixer, Equilibrium Productions 2011) (starring Tony Scannell, Graham Cole, PH Moriarty)
The Devil Went Down To Islington (Feature, as Sound Mixer, Skinned Productions 2011) (starring Spencer Brown, James Lance, Olivia Grant)
Dimensions: A Loop, A Line, A Tangle of Threads (Feature, as Sound Mixer, Sculptures of Dazzling Complexity Productions 2010)
2 Graves (Feature, as Sound Mixer, Zanzibar/Iarlaith Films 2009)
Zombie Undead (Feature, as Sound Mixer, Darkwaters Entertainment 2009)
Doghouse (Feature, Sound Mixer (Daily), Black Mass Ltd/Carnaby Films 2008) (starring Stephen Graham, Danny Dyer, Noel Clarke)
Everyman (Feature, as 2nd Unit Sound Recordist, Grandfather Films 2007)
The Merchant of Venice (Theatre on Film, as Sound Recordist, Grandfather Films 2007)

Short Films

  • Wisdom (Sound Recordist, Karl Derrick Ltd 2013) (Starring Lee Ingleby)
  • Fortune Cookies (Sound Recordist, Reelscape Films 2013)
  • Something for Nothing (Sound Recordist, 011 Productions 2012)
  • Where There’s Smoke (Production Sound Mixer, 011 Productions/Screen East/UK Film Council 2010)
  • Three (Production Sound Mixer, Scruffy Bear Productions 2010)
  • Disorder (Sound Recordist, Azko Films 2010)
  • Grace (Production Sound Mixer, Mad&Bad Films/Screen East/UK Film Council 2009)
  • Wasted (Sound Recordist, Cambridge City Council 2009)
  • Things We Leave Behind (Production Sound Mixer, Screen East/UK Film Council 2009)
  • The Caterpillar and Fly (Production Sound Mixer, Reelscape Films 2009)
  • Waving at Trains (Production Sound Mixer, Mad&Bad Films/Screen East 2008) (starring Pete Postlethwaite)
  • Rattle and Hum (Sound Recordist, Prod. Antti Poussa 2008)
  • Stand and Deliver (Sound Recordist, Roguevision Productions 2008)
  • Breaking Sugar (Production Sound Mixer, Prod. Fiona Wright 2008)
  • The Rain Horse (Production Sound Mixer, BBC Films/UK Film Council 2008) (starring Jason Isaacs)
  • Saving Terry Firmer (Sound Recordist, Prod. Pete Harmer/Cambridge City Council 2008) (starring Mark Charnock) (Winner in City Screen’s "Grains of Sand" Competition)
  • Dreaming of Leo (Sound Recordist, Prod. Saskia Vischer 2008) (starring Patrick Kennedy)
  • Exit Strategy (Sound Recordist, Prod. Kate Robinson 2007) (starring David Meyer)
  • Player (Production Sound Mixer, Prod. Barrington Robinson 2007) (starring Pete Postlethwaite & Celia Imrie)
  • Record & Erase (Sound Recordist, Prod. Ross Jarvis 2007)
  • Sleeper (Sound Recordist, Prod. Kai Savage 2007)
  • Foxy (Sound Editor, Fenlass Productions/New York Film Academy 2006)
  • Guilty? (Sound Recordist, Screen East/UK Film Council 2006)
  • Zombie Undead (Sound Recordist, Prod. Rhys Davies 2006)
  • Who Likes It Hot? (Sound Recordist, Prod. Ujjal Ghosal 2006)
  • Salsa Guy (Sound Recordist, Prod. Karen Krizanovich 2006) (Best Film: Bacup Festival 2007, Audience Award: Cannes in the City London 2007, Portobello Festival, Waterford Festival, London Film Makers Conference)
  • Hunger By Night (Sound Editor, Cats and Dogs Films 2006)
  • Burning Love (Sound Recordist, Prod. David Hipkin 2005) (Cambridge Film Festival 2006)
  • Version 0.9 (Sound Recordist, Prod. Alison Mulford/Thousand River Films 2005)
  • Living Room (Sound Recordist, Prod. Aaron Greenwood 2005) (Cambridge Film Festival 2006)
  • The Duck Feeder (Sound Recordist, Prod. Stuart Watkins 2005)
  • TV Dinner (Sound Recordist, Prod. Tarba Gill 2004)

Selected Commercial, Corporate, and Education Clients

BBC Worldwide
Cambridge University
Royal Shakespeare Company
Phaebus Media Group
Cambridge University Press
University of East Anglia
Norwich Museums & Archaeology Service
Cambridge Assessment (ESOL, CIE, OCR)
The Television Business
Grayling PR
Tribe PR
JMS Group
Mortal Monkey
Cricket Productions
New Look
Fuji UK
May Gurney
Diageo Reserve
Gatwick Airport
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
John Davies Gallery
Ely Cathedral
Oundle School
The Great Outdoor Gym Company
Trust The Process (Drugs & Alcohol Recovery)
CHALK education films
BIGA Concept
Danish public service radio ads (Best Commercial winner on Radio100FM/Det Danske Radiobureau network)