Carl Homer

Music for Film


I compose occasional film scores, and have written and performed music for two feature films and seven short films.

I’ve produced music for corporate video (e.g. BBC Worldwide, Cambridge University, NHS, LiveTheCity), and worked on remixes for bands.

I’m the guitarist in Subterraneans, and current releases, including “This Too Shall Pass” “Soul Mass Transit” and “Live in Berlin”, are available from The Electric Label through Amazon or iTunes. See the band website for upcoming gig details.

Composing credits

100 Tears (US horror feature)
Unearthed (US sci-fi feature)
The Horsemen (UK short film)
Who Likes It Hot? (UK short film)
Black Box (UK short film)
Into the Darkness (UK short film)
The Duck Feeder (UK short film)
Office Devils (UK short film)
Schwas Attack (UK short film)
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                                                                                                Short Film Scores

The Duck Feeder - Opening Titles

Into The Darkness - Lighting a Candle

The Horsemen - Opening Titles

Into The Darkness - Into The Woods

Who Likes It Hot? - Repaint The World

Office Devils - Opening Titles

Black Box - Opening Titles

Office Devils - Closing Titles

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                                                                                    100 Tears

100 Tears Suite

Grisly Discoveries


Father and Daughter


Unearthed - Opening Titles

Cruiser and the Dispensary

Lair Shootout, Voss Dies

Mal in Hospital, Space Shuttle

Unearthed Movie Poster